New member with problem

I use Scrivener mainly on the Windows platform, and sync to Dropbox. I’ve been using it for several years now, and this is the first major problem I’ve had.

I have quite a large project containing poems, with various folder headings and each poem in its own document underneath. A couple of days ago, I accidentally selected “scrivenings view” (left of 3 view buttons) from the top level in the binder. It took ages to load the display, and I was in a position where I had to close the file from that view soon after the program completed the display. The file appeared to close normally.

Now, when I try to open Scrivener with that as the most recent project, it aborts the open. The project briefly opens, then closes. I have opened it successfully after opening another project first. Now, the text entered is still there, but only displays as scrivenings under each chapter folder. The documents underneath the folder still exist, but they are empty in every view. When I try to get into one, Scrivener shuts down again, including the other project I had open.

It looks like I haven’t lost work, but I can’t get at what I have unless I manually copy everything back into its proper document, and given that the program shuts down every time I try to do something with it, it doesn’t seem likely I’ll be able to do that. I’ve saved my other current project to a separate location and will hope to be able to work on it without the program shutting down.

I’m a user, not a coder, and have no idea what to do next. Please help!

What happens if you try to exit Scrivenings mode? Clicking on the rightmost of the 3 view buttons should put you in Outliner mode.

I did try that, and that’s when the whole program shut down. I have since left that project alone and successfully loaded and worked on the other, but I’m wary of trying to open it again and having another crash, and maybe losing the whole thing.

You may want to contact L&L tech support directly. :blush:

Yes, I think so too. Unless anyone else here is familiar with unexpected program crashes. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. I’ll report back if a solution is found.