New menu item: File » Restart Scrivener

I suggested this a while ago on the beta forum, but I think it’s still a good request.

In order to “see” a new theme, Scrivener must be restarted. For those testing themes and theme changes, that’s quite a pain. I involves quitting then relaunching. To see all themes, that’s quite a lot of steps.

How about adding a new menu item:

File » Restart Scrivener

For those obsessive about getting the right look for their working environment, it would cut the clicks in half.


It is inconvenient to have to do a full shutdown and restart just to see what different themes look like, though I understand how Scrivener might need to be restarted for a new theme to take effect.

After reading this post and then another one that mentioned themes, I thought I’d look at themes for the first time, but thought again at the prospect of all those restarts just to see what each theme will look like. (My issues with Scrivener are not in the theming.)

A menu option to Restart Scrivener would be useful in this case,. but even better would be if the same dialog that so helpfully tells you that you must restart also had a “Restart Now” button it, to go with the “OK” button that dismisses the message. This is another unfinished feature implementation that reduces usability, all for want of the simplest few lines of routine code to follow through on how the feature will actually be used.

Would screen shots of the different themes be possible?

A better approach would be to create a theme preview dialog so you could see most of what the theme will look like without having to restart until you decide on a theme.

Yes, it should be possible to see previews of the available themes from the dialog used to select them. That would make the feature more accessible and useful.

I think a better approach to this would be a “Restart Now” button in any dialogue box that warns you of the necessity of doing so before seeing changes made.

A while back I wanted to compare themes, so I made these (low quality) screenshots of all except Default. Enjoy. :smiley:

Dark Mode

Grey Matter Dark

Grey Matter Lite

Mellow Yellow


Solarized Dark

Solarized Lite

Violet Haze

Thank you for this–helped me narrow down my choices. Unfortunately, it seems like all the darker themes still have light comments with white text by default. :confused:

Thank you JimRac!

Once you have the theme that is close to what you like (each person will differ on how much the theme may be useful to them) simply go to the ‘options’ and fine tune other settings eg I use ‘Dark’ but have the binder colour lighter, different colour for the notes background, different colour for various fonts and so on.

Play with your settings and see which works best for you.

Good advice.

Particularly with the dark themes, some of the out of the box settings didn’t work for me. At the very least I believe I made adjustments to the following (under Appearance):

Textual Marks > Colors > Spell check underline

Comp Mode > Colors > Text Selection Background
Comp Mode > Colors > Text Selection Text

Main Editor > Colors > Current Line highlight (also applies to Comp Mode)
Main Editor > Colors > Text Selection Background
Main Editor > Colors > Text Selection Text


Are default Comments Color and Comments Text Color settings that can be altered that way, or no? They all seemed pretty much the same when I switched between a couple. And there’s not even a place to change those defaults within Scrivener.

Editing to clarify, I thought I’d seen a mention of tweaking individual themes outside of Scrivener, like in the code itself in a text editor. I think I must have misunderstood that. :confused:

I found this thread looking for a way to restart Scrivener after I installed a new font in my system (Windows). I often have multiple Scrivener documents open at once, and want them all to reopen after quitting (or rebooting) rather than having to individually reopen each of them.

I also use Macs, and realize this is not an issue in that environment; Windows handles windows differently, no pun intended.

In any case, I looked in the File menu to see if there was now a “Restart” in there, and noticed “Exit.” (Duh…) For Windows at any rate, it closes all documents, which then all reopen on relaunch.

Hope this helps somebody. Yes it takes an extra click, but if you want to restart, just quit/exit and then launch anew…

For the record, I would definitely use a “Restart” button if it were added to the menu…