New Note Overwrites Existing Note?

When adding a new note using keyboard shortcuts [ Ctl-Cmd-Arrow ], the new note covers\overwrites\replaces an existing note. :blush:

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Is there any way to avoid overlapping or improve the automatic alignment of newly added notes?

I am eager for instruction.

Thank you!


So which is happening here? There is a pretty massive difference between one note overwriting another (in the sense that the old data is destroyed and replaced by the new data so you now have two notes with the same data and the old data is lost) and one note overlapping another.

Well as for overlapping, that shouldn’t happen under ordinary circumstances with the Ctrl-Cmd-Arrow shortcuts. Is this something that happens universally in every board you create, even a brand new one, or something that is only happening in some boards, or maybe even in certain areas of the board?

Thank you for your reply and the critical distinction.

Clarifying: the notes are overlapping not replacing extant notes.

I surely agree that there is a significant technical difference between data loss and content lost from one’s sight. At the same time, I’d suggest there is not much of a practical difference if one cannot see content that is now effectively hidden from view.

As to your question about identifying the instances of the behavior: Overlapping notes show up repeatedly from anywhere on a variety of boards when using Ctl-Cmd-Right Arrow or Ctl-Cmd-Left Arrow or Ctl-Cmd-Up Arrow.

The effect: if you type in a note: “Test 1” in Note 1, and then in a new note: “Test 1, 2” in Note 2, the second note overlaps and obscures Note 1. From a practical standpoint, it is as if that original content does not exist.

Only the Down Arrow works as one would expect: distributing each new note so that it can be seen among the existing notes.

Across multiple maps this is my experience. I am interested in your experience.

Thanks for your help.


Oh sure, the two conditions have a similar appearance from the standpoint of what you can see, but when it comes to figuring out what type of bug we’re looking at, the difference between a drawing error (that puts the note too close to the original) and a data destroying bug helps determine the nature of it and how to further investigate it.

My first guess would be that you are using a combination of settings we haven’t anticipated in the algorithm that places new notes. Scapple calculates note size and should place the new note at a sufficient distance from the nearest edge of the note so that there is enough space for about a centimetre of connecting line at default zoom.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I get, following your test example, along with my preferences for new notes. I would also check your default font, try playing with another font on a test board if you’ve changed that from Helvetica. There are some checkboxes in the “General” preference tab that may also be a factor. The auto-sizing option in particular might play a role.

[size=80]Results of Ctrl-Cmd-Arrow tests.[/size]