New Novel Template

I just completed tweaking a Novel Template that I’ve been developing over the past couple months while becoming proficient with Scrivener. I find it useful, so I thought I’d share it. It represents a rough amalgamation of the Writer’s Journey (Vogler), the Hero’s Journey (Campbell), Power Structure software, and Dramatica theory/software. As with everything Scrivener, it’s easily tailored to your needs.
My Novel Structure.scrtpl (763 KB)

Updated Nov 29, 2010

Attached below is an updated version of this template which is compatible with Scrivener version 2.0. To download click on the file link below, unzip on your desktop, and import into Scrivener (file>new project>options>import template) or install in project templates folder (~library>application support>scrivener>project templates). Hope all who are interested continue to find useful.
My Journey (201 KB)


Thank you for creating this. Çould you tell me the steps to use to import it into scrivener.
When I downloaded it, I got a message that said no thing can open this. good luck. it didn’t say good luck. I"d love to be able to use what you created. Thanks so much.

Aisling :cry: :question: :confused:

put the downloaded .scrtpl file in

/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates

and you should then be able to select it

put the downloaded .scrtpl file in

Thank you for your help. I can’t find the -

/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates

and you should then be able to select it

and because i can’t open the downloaded file It won’t select.
dang it.

perhaps I didn’t download something I need when I first downloaded Scrivener?

double dang it.

thanks again
happy whatever too…

The folder structure is Macintosh HD/Username(whatever your user account is called)/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates

There is also a Library folder at Macintosh HD/Library but Scrivener will more likely be under your username library

Download the file by clicking on the link. You should have My Novel Structure.scrtpl in your download folder. Open up the folder I described above and drag My Novel Structure.scrtpl across from download folder. You don’t have to click on anything or try to open the file. Now go to Scrivener and select the My Novel Structure template :confused:

Sure. I know two approaches.

First, place the template file into the ~/library/applicationsupport/scrivener/projecttemplate folder on your hard drive. Then open Scrivener and choose the template from the New Project Binder Assistant window (it should be in the list).

Or Second, open Scrivener. When the New Project Binder Assistant window opens select Import Template from the menu at the bottom of the window. This will install the template into the ~/library/applicationsupport/scrivener/projecttemplate folder and make it available to choose for your new project.

If still not clear, pull down the Scrivener Help Menu, choose Scrivener Help, select the Reference Guide Link, search Templates and choose the Creating a New Project topic. It’s covered pretty clearly there with pictures.

Good luck.

Your directions are great.

I will keep trying.

Poe and I are in a bit of a penultimate prelude…

thank you


Thank you for all your help.

I quite like the template.




I’m using Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro, and Safari. Every time I try to download this template, it comes down as an .xml file, even when I use ‘Save As’. It sounds cool, and I’d love to have a play, but I’m flummoxed. Any suggestions?

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Just rename it - get rid of the .xml extension so that it only keeps the .scrtpl extension (and you’ll probably need to change the “%20” codes to spaces). .scrtpl files are just .plist (XML) files with a different extension, so it seems that browsers are applying a familiar extension for some reason. But all you need to do is rename it.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Keith, and thanks for this.

I forgot to say I’d already tried changing the file extension and changing the name. I also tried putting it in the project templates folder and importing it from within Scrivener, but Scrivener didn’t recognise it (even after I changed the ‘Open with’ from within ‘Get info’). Interestingly, its default was as a PBEM Game File.

Something funny going on, but someone much, much techier than I’ll ever be will be home this evening. We’ll have another go then.

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Make sure you have all the spaces letters right. As simple as it sounds, that one trips me up pretty often.

If everything is correct there, use text edit to open the file. You should see a bunch of XML. If that looks right, simply do a file -> save as and see if that gets it.

Looks great. Thanks for all the hard work. I can’t wait to take it out for a spin.
Anyone know how to convert my current project in to a new template without destroying things, or should I just do a cut and paste manually?

Sorry for the necro, but I just wanted to thank the OP, as well as the many helpful respondents. Just downloaded this yesterday, haven’t installed it yet. I’m still reading up on the various included components (Campbell/Vogler, Power Structure, and Dramatica Theory). Very useful and informative. Many thanks. Cheers.

I enjoy the new Template Thanks. :smiley:
I was wondering what happened to the word count at the bottom of the screen? Did I do something to erase that function? I don’t even see it when I select all my chapters and click on edit Scrivenings. :unamused:

Thanks for all the help and an awesome Template


Text > Scriptwriting > turn off scriptwriting mode.

I’m a newbie to Scrivener. Has anyone solved the problem of this download? I’ve tried all the suggestions and it still comes up as unselectable. I’m on snow leopard 10.6.4

I didn’t have any problem downloading it now and running it, so I’ve just zipped up that file for you to see if that gets it downloaded better for you. You should be able to unzip it and then put the .scriptl file in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates, then open Scrivener and start a new project and select that template.

See if that helps? (335 KB)

Your template sounds fantastic, and I look forward to using it some day. However, I’m currently using the Windows Beta version of Scrivener and have been unable to find any way to import your file. I did find the scrivener folder in my windows explorer but there are no template nor library files. I’m assuming its a beta thing. Is there anyone using the beta who’s been successfully able to import this template? Thank you.