New Office Suite for Macs

Anyone heard of this or tried it? Looks like a new release, MacOffice Professional.

Looks interesting, but have not tried. Anyone else?

Looks like a repackaged Open Office to me. Hard to tell just from the screen shots available. No trial either.

It’s a very odd upgrade. Introductory price of $47.95–unheard of pricing for Microsoft. Adds Database and Graphics, but does not include e-mail, calendar, or contact management, handled in Office 2004 by Entourage. Maybe it’s time to shift over to Mail and iCal?

I would say it’s definitely not from Microsoft. Office 2008 (Microsoft version) is not due out until next year from everything I have seen.

Wow. Pardon my confusion. I wrote to MacOffice Pro and asked why an Entourage upgrade was not included. Instead of setting me straight (i.e., we’re not MicroSoft), the reply was:

We really wanted to focus our efforts on functionality that wasn’t
available on OS X at all: thus the inclusion of an integrated
database module, support for VBA macros, and more.

The feature-set of MacOffice Pro will expand, however – time
management and email functionality is definitely on the list!

So thanks, Robert, for giving me a clue.

What Robert said. It’s not a Microsoft product. If it were, it would have their branding splashed all over the place.

A whois lookup on the domain gives the following:
Registrant:, Inc
470 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10012
(347) 960-1991


Administrative Contact:
470 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10012
(347) 960-1991

Technical Contact:
470 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10012
(347) 960-1991

Record last updated 05-12-2007 07:03:48 PM
Record expires on 08-07-2008
Record created on 08-06-2006

Honestly, it seems pretty sketchy to me. No trial version, no downloadable version, no screenshots, no corporate information. Yeah, I’ll send my credit card info to them right away… NOT!


Yeah, this has scam written all over it.

I agree with Robert. It looks like a prettied up version of to me. The feature list is identical to what OO offers. Integrated database, presentation software, spreadsheet, equation builder, and so on. The screenshots are pretty small, though some of the icons in the toolbar look familiar, and definitely not Mac-like, and extremely similar to the base OO counter-parts. Note the elevated ‘u’ for the underline button, and so on.

Anyone interested in these features should simply download NeoOffice, which is a Mac compatible version of OOo. Eventually, there will be an official version, but at the moment NeoOffice is it. Integration with the OS and other applications is getting steadily better.

Clearly, it is NeoOffice with the old set of icons. A shameless ripoff of a free program, sold for good money.


An example of the useful principle that if an organisation can’t always spell the name of its own product (which it couldn’t yesterday - corrected I think today), then something’s up. :confused:

Particularly true perhaps when the product is concerned with writing.

No good screenies… no trial… no community support… poor website graphics… no beta I could recall.

Apparently some websites identified it as a Neo Office 2.1 sold with unlimited user support (the free version offers no support, only user forums). That’s their added value for your 50 bucks. Not scam, but free software for money.

Yeah, after I posted, I further researched it. It is nothing more than NeoOffice, entire program, but without any reference to the name (which allows them legally to do it.

Tis a shame.

Now I feel bad about posting it. On the other hand, at least it is exposed for what it really is.