"New Page" layout not making new pages!?

I’m sorry, but making these layout settings is making me fee real dumb. Why won’t my intermissions start on new pages when that’s explicitly what I’m telling them to do!?
My Style.scrformat (84.2 KB)
LaBT.scriv.zip (375.9 KB)

Also… it’s adding titles to those intermissions for some reason :sob:

Did you do the section type / section layout assignation here ? :

Yeah I do :’(

I set the intermissions all to “new page”

What’s that ?
You mean this ? :


I mean literally the section layout on the left labeled “new page”

It won’t let me embed my screenshot… but here.
Screenshot (357).zip (120.1 KB)

If it says “unused” like it does at my end, then it means that you haven’t done the assignation.



It does not say this on my end.
Intermissions are assigned to New Page, Part Headings are assigned to Part Title Pages, Chapter Headings are assigned Chapter Titles, Scenes are assigned Section Text, etc

Try compiling to PDF instead of print while I investigate. (compile to Print is often problematic.)

Compiling for PDF gets me all the right page breaks… but the text to page size ratio is awful. The text is way too large.

(Also thx a bunch for trying to help ^^)

It is an illusion.
Your text is probably fine.
It is your page that is tiny :


Yeah, just worked that out myself XD
Set to letter paper, and with that it be good for my use for now. Thx a bunch again ^^

You are welcome.
Now, I’d recommend removing your project from your initial post.

I can’t find where to edit… but I’m not a paranoid sort. There’s only the suspension of disbelief prologue contract and setting/character outlines in there anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

As you wish. :slight_smile:
Otherwise, to edit is the pen at the bottom of a post of yours :