new problem importing footnotes to Scriv from .rtf

I am working on an academic book length manuscript in both Word and Scrivener, and finding that Scrivener is no longer recognizing footnotes after .rtf conversion. I successfully imported several chapters 12-18months ago by saving .docx as .rtf before importing the file to Scrivener. Footnotes and comments from Word then formatted as footnotes and comments in Scrivener. I am now trying to import several more chapters using the same .docx to .rtf to Scrivener conversion, but footnotes and comments are no longer being pulled out. Instead, footnote numbers appear as superscript at the end of paragraphs, as in Word, with supercript & footnote text appearing where the word/rtf file placed the footer and page break. Has something on the back end changed that has caused this import function to stop working? Is there anything else I should try to fix this? This is a large document, and manual correction is not time effective.

I am still seeking help with this. I’ve tried: 1) converting .docx to .rtf and then importing to Scrivener 2) dragging and dropping both converted .rtf and unconverted .docx files, both on the Mac OSX and Windows 10 platforms 3) cutting and pasting from both .docx and .rtf. Scrivener is simply not recognizing the footnotes as footnotes, even though it did so successfully for 4 chapters added to the project file between 2013 and 2015. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Looking back, it appears that files that imported the footnotes properly were .doc, not .docx. But converting .docx back to .doc or back to .doc and then to .rtf still doesn’t produce files with footnotes that Scrivener recognizes. Has no one else had this problem? I really don’t want to manually convert 700 footnotes.

Try emailing support (if you’re on mac: I had trouble with footnotes before, and got some excellent help from them.

I have dealt with the problem well enough by locating files from a few years ago, missing the most recent layer of annotation. I’m still not sure what Scrivener does not like about the .docx converted files, though suspect it might have something to do with having worked on a few of them in iAnnotate at somepoint. I am so looking forward to being to use Scrivener directly on IOS.