New project from custom template generates blank files

Good evening.

I’m having an issue with this custom template I have created in Scrivener 3 for Windows.

When I try to create a new project from it, all the files in the folder with the new project are 0kb. Totally empty. Not only the .scrivx, but all the files inside the Docs subfolders.

We’ve identified an issue with the Qt zip extractor Scrivener uses that causes this problem when trying to extract files that use Unicode in the name. It should be fixed for the next update, but in the meanwhile, if that’s the case here you should be able to get around it by renaming the original project used to create the template with ASCII-only characters, then resaving the template from that project. (To rename the project, just edit the title of the .scriv folder in File Explorer when it’s not open in Scrivener; you can then double-click its project file to open it, which will also automatically rename that project file and prep it for saving as a template. Alternatively, you could open the project in Scrivener and use Save As to create a second copy of the project, and you could then delete that copy once you’ve saved the template.)

That solved it. Thank you so much.