New Project Issue

Alright, so I have one project open that has some writing in it. I decided the other day (I’m updated with 1.6) to create a new project and thus clicked “New Project”.

The problem is when I clicked that, clicked on the “Fiction Template”, named my project, and saved it to My Documents guess what popped up?

The previous project with the new project’s name. All of the same writing from the other project was on it – word for word. When I reopened the original project the same writing was in there as well.

I’ve done this several times since then, saved it to different folders in different areas, but it still ends up the same. In order to start a whole new project I have to go in and delete the duplicate writing from the previous project that was, SOMEHOW, copied to the new project! Naturally, it’s a little frustrating. :slight_smile: