"New Project" launches inside old project

I feel like there must be a simple reason for this, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

I wanted to start a new project. I had Scrivener open already to my current project, and I went up to the menu and selected “New Project” and started a new one using a template I had created a month ago. But instead of launching a new window and bringing me to a new page in an empty binder, it launched a window that looked almost identical to my current project and put the template in the research folder it–AND for some reason that folder was suddenly missing a bunch of items.

Now, I tried it again, this time using the empty standard template, and that brought me to a whole new empty binder. Why didn’t it do that when I used the template? And how do I delete the new project that seemed to launch within my current one? I’m afraid I’ll accidentally delete stuff out of my current project.


Fellow scrivener user here. Here is my thought:

I am going guess that the template you invoked was one you created a month ago from the very same project that was now open when this funny thing happened.

If so, then I think it is quite likely that Scrivener did create a new project for you from that template, but it did not look like it did, because your template actually contains a bunch of the content of the project you made it from–so your current project and the newly-created project look pretty much alike.

In Scrivener, I would look under the File > Recent Projects menu to see if there are two identifiable projects listed–the one you were working on and a new one. This will help determine that a new project was really created.