New Project Notepads

I love the concept of Scrivener, but find it more than a little confusing. I decided this was because I was just trying to learn the bits I wanted for my work. I am a crime writer and No 3 of my alternate Tudor history is being written with Scrivener.

So, I decided the only thing to do was print off the User Manual - my printer is still recovering - and work through the bits I might find useful. I’ve arrived at 12.3.2, where, according to the manual, ‘along the top of the Project Notes, you’ll see a tab labelled “General” and on the right-hand side, a + button’. Er, my version doesn’t have a + button and I am completely up to date with my version. It sounds such a useful thing to have multiple projects notepads, so can you tell me where my + button has gone, please?

Many thanks

Here are a couple of questions that might lead you to your answer:

First, are you up to date with version 2, or version 1? Version 1 doesn’t have it, but I’m assuming that you got the manual from the Help menu, which would indicate you are using version 2.

Second and probably more relevant: Are you sure you are looking at your Project Notes in your inspector, and not Document Notes? You can have only one Document note per document, but if you switch to Project notes (the arrows next to the “Document Notes” header in the inspector allow you to do this), then you should have a + sign.

This is talking about the project notes window, not project notes in the inspector. You can open the project notes window from the Window menu. This allows you to add different tabs, and all of these will then appear in the drop-down list in the project notes in the inspector:

Hope that helps.

All the best,

I recommend going through the Interactive Tutorial, under the Help menu. It’s excellent, and, in getting to know Scrivener, is probably the most efficient 60 minutes you can spend.