New Project Opens on Close[FIXED]

When I close the program, the new project window opens, wanting me to creat a new project.

Also the New Project window is extremely confusing. When I create one, I type in the name of the file and select a location. It seems reasonable that the “Create” button would be enabled after I type the file name in, but it doesn’t. I can eventually get to the point of creating a new project–but I can’t tell you how I do it. Each time, it’s been an accident , and I have no idea what I did!

The option of disabling the New Project window is a known quirk with the original exe.

Basically go to Edit > Options > General tab: The second checkbox, if you have it checked will revert to the original mac style.

Basically it is UI differences between mac and Windows. Windows users typically are used to when they click close, it closes the whole application. Mac, you click close, it closes the active window, but not the application itself.

The updated exe turns this option off by default, but all you need to go is go uncheck that box. If you haven’t done so yet, look at the Update from the 29th from Lee. He has a link to a new Scrivener.exe to replace the one in your Program Files/Scrivener folder. It isn’t a new installer, but simply an updated version of the program with bug fixes.