New Project Path Thing

I request this in full humbleness and with the conditions that it only be implemented if it 1) takes minimal effort and 2) strikes the author’s fancy.

In the new project dialog box, the text field that references the path for the new project, it always invites me to type the path of my desired location into it and it would be cool if it accepted that method of location proposal. It’s such a minor thing, I would not trouble with it unless it wasn’t any trouble.

Most of all, thank you for making the first writing software that makes sense since the computer was invented! My master’s thesis thanks you as well.

  • Casey


Thanks for your kind words. Actually the new project panel has been completely changed for the next update. It will instead use a Pages/iWeb-style templates panel, and once a template has been selected you choose a save location for the project using the standard save panel.

Thanks and all the best,

Dare I say it again?