New Project window opens in fullscreen on Windows tablet

I’m using Scrivener and Windows 8.1 on an HP Stream 8 tablet. I have Scrivener set to show the project window upon start, instead of opening the most recent project. If I’m using the tablet in vertical view mode, the Scrivener window opens in full screen, and the button options (open / cancel) are behind the windows taskbar. If I open in horizontal mode, the new project window opens expanded horizontally, but does not fill up the rest of the screen vertically.

I’ve tried resizing the window to a more normal size, but the next time I open scrivener, it again defaults to full screen.

I haven’t experienced this behavior on my other PCs that run Scrivener (XP & Win 7). I’ve attached screenshots for reference.

Is this problem happening with any of the other dialogs in Scrivener such as Compile or Options? It’s presumably something tied to the tablet’s display settings (it’s not a typical Windows 8.1 problem or anything of that sort), so I’d expect this wouldn’t be limited to New Project window–if is not though, that would be helpful to know for comparing the code.

Confirming that this behavior only happens on the new project screen, and I haven’t noticed it anywhere else. I’ve opened the compile and options screen and those display normally as expected.

I should add that the tablet resolution in portrait mode is 800 x 1280 and the resolution in landscape mode is 1280 x 800.

So sorry for the late reply. Thank you for checking on the various dialogs and for the additional info about the resolution. I’ve forwarded your report on to the developer to take a look, but I’m afraid I don’t have a solution as yet.