New Project window will not close

  • I start Scrivener
  • both the start-up options at the top of the General tab on the options window are unchecked
  • the New Project window appears
  • I select a project from the Recent drop-down
  • the project opens
  • the New Project window does not completely disappear (see screenshot)
  • nothing happens if I click on the x-box (top right of the window)

What version of Windows are you using?

I have this happen too in Windows XP. It’s not an issue on my other computer running Windows7.

I’m on Win Xp Pro sp3.

I can make the New Project window disappear by opening it again (File/New Project), and then closing it.


I’m on Win7, and I have this too, but not all the time.

Settings : Open recent project.

On starting the application, there is only the project visible.
On closing a project and opening another one, the start panel stays visible.
Sometimes it disappears and there is only the open project remaining.