New project windows too large

There was a problem reported earlier with new project windows being too large and you couldn’t resize them because they are off screen. The posts all pointed to a software bug. I think it is a template problem in 1.5.3.

Re: Footer view

Postby BH15260 on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:59 pm
Has this bug been fixed in Version 1.5.3? I’m trying to create a new project, and it creates a window too big for the screen if I create a NEW BLANK, but not if I create a new Non-Fiction.

iS THIS REALY a BUG or just a bad setting in a template?

Is there a way to get a new template, or edit this one?

“Blank” is not a template, so it is specific to the program settings. I do have this on the bug list to take another look at, since opening maximized like this is not ideal, but until then you can create a new template yourself after modifying the settings and then use that for creating new “blank” projects. You can create the template either by creating a new project from another template (or copying a project you already have set up the way you like it) and then deleting any items and settings you don’t want and adding in those you do (you can reset the compile settings to match the blank project’s by choosing the “Original” preset), then using File > Save As Template, or you could do the same from the blank project (if you don’t want any other custom settings) and just resize the window (click the “Restore Down” button and then drag the edges or press Alt+Space, S and then use the arrow keys) before saving as a template.