New project won't fill screen

Attached are two screenshots. One shows a current project, and as you can see, whatever I’m working on fills the Scrivener workspace. The other shows a new project I just created. Whatever I want to work with does not fill the workspace. I’ve been clicking through all the options I can find, and can’t find the controls for this. I used the blank template. In possibly a related note, when I go to Preferences and click on Appearance, Scrivener crashes. (I’ve reported this.)

[attachment=0]Scrivener Current.png[/attachment]

[attachment=1]Scrivener New.png[/attachment]


Please update to the latest version of Scrivener - what you are seeing is a bug that could affect an older version.

All the best,

Thank you! I thought I had the latest version, but I didn’t. Updating fixed both problems.