New Projects Won't Backup on Close

Here’s a weird one. I’ve used “backup on close” for years. I just created a new project and saw that it didn’t back up on close. So I opened a new one, created a test doc, same thing. My existing projects still backup on close. If I change preferences to “backup on open” that works. I made sure I didn’t use “File…Backup…Exclude” on this project by mistake. Nope. I closed and opened Scrivener. Rebooted. Not a huge deal because I can backup on manual save and/or open. But strange. What d’ya think?

Did you actually make changes before testing? The automatic backup won’t run if there’s nothing new.


No, but the reason was equally as stupid. Most of my projects are pretty extensive and i can see them backing up. This newish one just closed too fast for me to see. The backups were there…right where they were supposed to be…where I should have looked before posting! Thanks.