New Projects Won't Backup on Close

Here’s a weird one. I’ve used “backup on close” for years. I just created a new project and saw that it didn’t back up on close. So I opened a new one, created a test doc, same thing. My existing projects still backup on close. If I change preferences to “backup on open” that works. I made sure I didn’t use “File…Backup…Exclude” on this project by mistake. Nope. I closed and opened Scrivener. Rebooted. Not a huge deal because I can backup on manual save and/or open. But strange. What d’ya think?

And, BTW, when I tried to post this it first said “You cannot make another post so soon after your last.”

Oops. Strike that. It was backing up. But usually you see it do it for a few seconds. And here you don’t. Must be that with older projects they have to delete oldest backup first so it takes longer. That’s why new projects backup much faster. Well, maybe useful fact for others.

Also, if you project is very small, the backup goes too fast to require a progress dialogue.

Looks like you did a double-submission (I see two topics with the same title by you). Maybe your mouse sent a double-click signal when you clicked on the submit button.