New robot avatar

KB has a new robot avatar! Will the rest of the Six follow?

User avatar.png

Well, I know what it is but only because of a lucky google result. I’ll let someone who actually recognises the robot take the glory.

Incidentally, I was in Stockport at the weekend.

(It’s a short story, I admit, but thought I’d share.)

Herr SchweinKotflügel,
" A short story",is about the best you can say for Stockport! Bit of an over embellishment, actually.
Take Care

Hah! I was there on Friday…

Watching Sale lose a rugby match.



Sucker for punishment…eh? :frowning:

Worse… Even renewed the season tickets… Suffering is good for the Sale.

Hey, that smiley looks just like Keyser Söze!

I was thinking, more like the female human’s face when she hears the sound of wine bottles’ corks popping.

While we are on the subject of our L&L chums, is AmberV pronounced “Amber-Vee” or “Amber-Five”?


I think it is pronounced Ioa. As in the moon.

Yellow-gold Five, actually.

Am I the only one left not to have seen this [source of this image]? It’s on my list now.

I only recently saw it thanks to a Netflix recommendation. I hadn’t even hear of [source of this image] before that.

Put it high on your list if you haven’t seen it. Great flick, and don’t read anything about it you can.

I watched the preview–which revealed, I’m afraid, quite a bit–but it was enough to sell me.

And it’s at the top of my list. Next flick.

The preview was spoilery!? How…how could it?

My best memory of [the source of that image] is listening to it all be explained over the phone to my mother-in-law. C’est la vie.

Well, I can’t say for sure it was spoilery–I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. It certainly piqued my interest.

PS–Another new Avatar? Is that perchance a Portal/Scrivener Robot? Just read about your new post–congratulations!