New Scrivener Update

I installed the new Scrivener update this morning. A big thanks to the team!

Did the update address any of the issues noted in the other posts regarding Catalina? Is it safe to update to 10.15.0? I’m completely new to MacOS. I know how Windows’ major releases work (or don’t) and what to expect, but this is my first go around with MacOS.

The only things I use on my Mac are Scrivener, ProWritingAid, Aeon Timeline II, Safari and Mail.



There is a report on macrumors that Mail is affected by bugs.

As the update is precisely to make it 10.15 compatible, I should hope so! But given the problems 10.15 is causing, I won’t be updating until 10.15.2 is out, even though I have updated all my apps—apart from Microsoft Word etc.—which I’ll probably forgo as they came pre-installed on this machine and I’ve only been forced to use Word once … I much prefer NWP!



What Mark said. This is a Scrivener update, it works around several Mac OS bugs, but it doesn’t fix them.