New Scrivener User - I like it

I found a link to Scrivener after searching for an effective but simpler solution than MS word. I’ve used word for many years but like so many complex applications I found I spent more time wrestling with the application rather than creating content. That had to stop. When I found Scrivener I was able to launch and get started. Most of the features are intuitive so I did not read anything for a while, I just started typing. I could see what happened when I created a new text object and so I kept going, using folders to separate my chapters. There are a number of ways to capture notes which suited my purpose.

When I got to around 5,000 words I thought I would watch the 10 minute video which was helpful. I particularly like the ability to drag a URL from a browser into the research area and have Scrivener download the content so that I can reference it later. I have not tried the compile feature yet but it is nice the way content can be viewed in different ways and moved around, which again is pretty intuitive if one has any experience with using a computer for a period of time.

One of the features in MS Word is automatic TOC which may be a feature here also. I will need to ripple through the menus and see. Hopefully Scrivener can use the folder headings to create a TOC.

Anyway, congrats on a great tool for those wanting to write instead of trying to digest a 200-page book or watch several hours of video. The 10-minute video was just the job. Cheers.

Yes it can, see Chapter 23 of the (Mac) Scrivener manual for more information.