New Scrivener User

I am trialing Scrivener, indeed composing this in it for the practise. I am not a “writer”, but have at least two books waiting inside me. Lacking the natural instincts, discipline, or skills of a writer I need all the help I can get. Further, at the age of 63 I am kind-of time-conscious, and won’t do a 3 year course before starting to write. One book will be sort of social comment, (therefore semi-fiction!), the other a “coffee table” publication about my passion and profession, making scratch-built model cars and motor cycles.
I have tested other apps., Ulysses, ($ Gulp!, strange, nice UI.), Copyright, (Nice, OK price, but no split screen edit), StoryMill/Avenir/ Storyist, (Fiction fixated, and a bit dry), and Jer’s Novel Writer, (Fun, minimalist, love margin notes, but no S/screen Edit). However, I find Scrivener outstanding in its’ configurability, and range of useful features. If the “out of the box” interface does not suit, it can be crafted. I like that the tutorial is built in the app., not oscillating from complex instructions in a Help File, back to app. forgetting bits, back to the Help File ad infinitum. Sciveners Help File is well laid out for when more specific assistance is required.
I have spent considerable time in your excellent Forums, (or, is that Forii?), and have admiration for the respect, intelligence, comprehensive assistance, and sharp wit of most of your contributors. They should rightly be proud of themselves, and are a great read. When your site says, “No registered users, and 1 Guest”, that’s me! K B’s very personal input and rapid responses to customer/users is reassuring, and is notable also with Phil at Journler and Mendel at NoteMind, two very useful apps to me, sharing a similar “Style” to Scrivener. I love NoteMind for the “rumpus room” brainstorming usability, despite occasional flakey behaviour. Journler is, and journler does. Rock solid, comfortable, flexible, competent.
But now I want to write. I need tools, and by God Scrivener sure has ‘em. ‘Er below decks says I am the only person who could edit War and Peace and make it longer! Not fair really, as I used to write many articles for an Australian model magazine, an exercise in comprehensive yet succinct writing if ever there was one. Books is different though. Bigger, for a start, and vast amounts of data just for reference needs, like cattle, to herded, corralled, and branded. Scrivener has 432 ways to create, move, edit, and manage this mass of “critters” that are not part of the body of work, but required for research etc. Also, I like to “massage” each chunk of work as I go, and this is where a split screen (seems) important to me. Leave the original intact, massage a copy.
The Lit & Lat site is stylish minimalism exemplified. Comfortable navigation, and like a friendly local pub, nice to drop in after a long tiring day. Other apps. I use and like. Canvas 9, the Graphics equal of Scrivener, Check Off, (neat and unobtrusive, not really Russian !!), but “Things” looks good as I plan to ditch the not-very-future-proof Palm, (100 year old Desktop!), and do iPod Touch soon.
I am not an “Awe-struck-Enphalian”, just went for a look and got stuck. For 25 years. Now back in the motherland of New Zealand.
Tolls Toy. (Mr.)

Lev Nikolaevich (Mr),
Добро пожаловать на Scrivener. :smiley:
[size=50](Welcome aboard…)[/size]
Whether you actually 'feel’ welcome, remains to be seen. Y` see Lev, the most primitive life-form on board the Good Ship Scrivener: the mouthy narcissistic Portlanders (Bilge rattus rattus), are now outnumbered by your crowd, the intemperate and immodest Antipadean Mob (The Cane Toadies).

One fears the inevitable confrontation for control of the ship, and its bloody denouement. :frowning:
Take care

Scrivener, Things, and iPod Touch. Yar vessels for dispositions fair or foul captaining a writing journey. Carry on. :smiley: