New status is invisible

In the first Scrivener file I started working with, I successfully edited both the Status and Label lists, creating custom choices that have been very useful.

Now in the second file, I typed in a new Status item; then I hit “okay”; then when I try to select the new item, I see an additional line on the list, but the words I typed there don’t show.

I’ve been fooling around with the color palette and I could have sworn I got a new Status to work a minute ago, by moving the color out of the white center. But now it’s not working again, and the only thing controlled by the palette seems to be the Label list, not the Status.


Hi, when you create a new label or status, you need to hit “enter” to end the editing of the item’s title before clicking “OK”. If you click “OK” while the item is still being edited, its title won’t be saved and you will end up with a blank status or label.

I have fixed this behaviour for the next update, which should be out in a few days.

All the best,