New Tab?


Very simple question, can’t seem to find the answer.

I want to open a document (form the list of documents in the Binder on the left) into a new tab, and so have different documents in different tabs. Just like tabs in a web browser.

How do I do this?

EDIT: or open in a new window – also works. Just like the split feature, but I’d like to see the full documents and switch between them, instead of seeing them split at the same time.

Thank you for any help.
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Scrivener 3.2.1 on MacOS Catalina

You can assemble files displayed as quick references in tabs and projects, too.

Is that what you are looking for?

Thanks for the answer. Maybe… I just want to have different documents of the project opened at the same time and easily switch between them – any way this is achieved is fine. Right now if I open a document as a quick ref, I can’t switch easily between the main window and the quick ref. Isn’t it possible to simply open the main window several times?

It’s not possible to open multiple main windows for the same project. However, you can open as many Quick Reference panes as you like, then merge them with the Window → Merge All Windows command.

You can also open up to three panes within the main window: View → Editor Layout to split the main editor pane, then open the third document in a Copyholder. (Navigate → Open → In Copyholder.) You can get a fourth document via the Project Bookmarks list in the Inspector.

Finally, a Quick Reference pane can display the Project Bookmarks as a mini-Binder, facilitating navigation between those items. (Open a Quick Reference pane, then click the Bookmark icon at the lower left.)


Thanks. I opened 2 Quick Ref windows (by the way, “Merge All Windows” is grayed out, as well as the 3 menu items above it).

However, I would like to switch quickly between them, with the same “switch windows” shortcut that I use to switch between different Chrome windows or between windows in other apps. But for some reason, the Quick Ref windows stay hidden behind the main window when switching that way, they refuse to come to the foreground.

Any fix on that?


Merge All Windows should not be grayed out. Make sure the cursor is actually in one of the panes you want to merge.

Ctrl-Shift-Tab will shift between panes of a tabbed Scrivener window. Cmd-` shifts between Scrivener windows. (These are standard Mac shortcuts. Not sure what the Windows equivalents are.)

Window → Bring All to Front does what it says and should surface any buried windows. If it doesn’t, check to see if the Window → Float Window option is checked, as that will force the main editor window to stay on top.