New template for a book of short stories

I’ve just made a template (my first - with great help from forum advisers robertdguthrie and brookter) for a book of short stories. How do I upload it here, please?

This is made with Scrivener for Mac; I’m not sure if it’s Mac-only or also PC…

Hm, found the answer (the Attach File tab below), but it won’t upload; it claims to be identified as a “possible attack vector”. Have I made the Drone Template?

Wait, wait… zipped the folder, will try again… ah, that worked. Tell me if you like it.
Book of short stories (583 KB)

Thank you for the template! Anyone who used it and can give some comments?

Last post in this thread was back in 2012 so this exercise feels like a time machine trip. I slogged through this thread until I found the template and got the thing open on my MacBook Pro 2015 laptop, my trusty writing workhorse. The template appears entirely straightforward since I’ve used Scrivener to write the bespoke stories and a novel as well. What once seemed impossibly arcane in the UI now seems familiar and commonplace.

I even know that I can keep replicating the folders in the binder to accommodate all of the text. It looks like each Story will be about like a chapter in a novel.

It appears all I have to do now is cut/paste all the story text across from the .scriv file they are originating from, to this new template but I should save a copy of the template first so I have a pristine template file for future uses. I wonder if I should use a .scriv filename extension for the actual compile file I will create.

“Should work,” he famously said, under his breath, his hands clammy.

This is exciting and I’m happy right now that I thought to come to the Forum and explore before re-inventing this wheel. I’ll post again when the stories are compiled or maybe sooner if needed. I hope I don’t need to ask for help.

Thanks to the originators for this tool . . . I think. If you’re still breathing and writing.

How do I install this in Scriv 3.1.2???

Sorry new to all this.

Second that. Template can’t be opened in Scrivener.

Strange, it imported into v3 fine for me. Here’s an updated copy of it, hopefully Maelduin will come along at some point and refine it if need be, as I had to make a few assumptions about the intentions. I gave it some some sensible Section Types and imported the v2 compile settings, updating the Layouts as well to work the way I think it was intended to.
Book of short (490 KB)

I’ve downloaded, unzipped and saved as new template the most recent link from the forum thread.
However, when I attempt to create a new project, I get the error message “Project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.”
I’m using fully updated Scrivener, latest version of Firefox browswer, Windows 10 64 bit.
Can anyone tell me what or if something I can do will fix this error?
The template referenced would be ideal for my newest Scrivener project, so I’m hoping someone has the technical expertise to troubleshoot this error!

Since it’s a Mac Scrivener 3 template, you probably need to use the Windows Scrivener 3 beta to open it. You can download the beta here:


Thanks, Katherine, that makes sense and I will look into the Windows beta!