New template

I want to create a template that retains the font and spacing settings that I prefer, so that I don’t have to format each new document I create . I had assumed that the way to do it was: New project/ Blank/Save as newname/Create. And when that new project opens, click on Format/Text/Spacing and also change the font, then click File/Save as default template.

But on re-opening it, the formatting has gone.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

One thing to be aware of is that changing the formatting settings in a text document inside a project isn’t going to do anything to the global default that is used whenever you create a new document. That is universal to all projects, and is located in the Tools/Options… dialogue, under the Editor pane. So if that is all you were wanting to do, you can probably ditch the template.

To explain what you were running in to however: Scrivener cleans up documents that are empty. It actually should be deleting them from the computer if they are empty, but even if not it will clean up any formatting codes that are wrapped around nothing. Otherwise these files will turn into a huge mess of codes internally. Thus, the moment you left the editor, your settings were cleaned up behind you.

THANK YOU for that insight. I can sleep more easily now that the major irritant in using Scrivener has been removed! :smiley: And more thanks for responding so quickly.