New Text Auto Populates

I’m experiencing a weird problem where when I click on the New Text button it is created but with text included. By this I mean it will auto fill in the scene with text entered in a previous scene from Chapter 2 or 4… there’s no rhyme or reason as to what text it chooses.

Has anyone else experienced this? Why is this happening?

I’m using the latest release.

This sounds like a problem with the project files getting out of sync, so that the internal numbering system Scrivener uses when creating new documents in the binder is repeating numbers that are already in use by actual files but aren’t recorded in the project file. If you’ve used synchronisation software at any point in the past with this project, e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive, that would be a likely culprit; some backup software (especially software that backs up to the Cloud) has also caused problems with Scrivener projects by affecting files in the project folder essentially behind Scrivener’s back.

This post explains how to resolve the problem with a project on Dropbox, etc. (The user in that case was having an issue cross-platform, but the problem can happen working just on Windows.) Upthread a bit in that link I had another post commenting on some other possibilities like the third-party backups, so you can skim that for more ideas.

If you are storing the project on a live sync server, I recommend avoiding Google Drive and OneDrive. Neither seems to work well with Scrivener’s package format, and we’ve had a lot of reports from users who had problems with those services and needed to move their projects to another location. Dropbox, Cubby, and SugarSync all have good reports, and you could search the forums if you’re looking for other options. I’d also recommend this knowledge base article on best practices for syncing projects.

That is most likely the culprit. I am using OneDrive. I’ll try switching to DropBox and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks!