New Text button gives me a new document with text from another one in it

Hello. So when I click new text instead of a blank page it has the text from one of my template pages on it. This just happened while I was using scrivener, but an hour ago when I clicked the same button it was a clear page. I tried restarting the program, but it still happens. Any clue why and how to fix it so that a new text document is empty? Thank you.

EDIT: Using the shortcut ctrl+N does it, too, as does ctrl+T; ctrl+N which should give me a folder of documents from my template folder not a single document.

I also just imported and split a document and at the end of each document was the text from one of my template files, but not always the same template.

In Scriv on my platform, it is possible to specify for a folder that new docs made inside that folder should draw from a specific template. This is useful, for example, if you have a folder for Characters and when you make docs there you always want a new character sheet.

I wonder if you have somehow unknowingly run afoul of this feature.


Probably… I fixed it by creating a new scrivener document/file/project and copying and pasting the effected docs into the new project and then dragging and dropping all the others… I know that it was creating folders with text on them so if you used the convert folder to file feature the words would be there… it was annoying but I seem to have found a fix however inconvenient it was. Thanks for responding.

Glad you got it sorted.