New Text Button on the top menu bar

Still using this in the test phase, os maybe I don’t know every nook and cranny of the program, but it strikes me that since this is program to help writers write by offering templates, the most important thing is easy access to the page one actual writes on–the NEW TEXT function.

This seems to me to be something you’d want to be found easily, not buried as a menu item under Project.

Give it a button.

It’s already got one (on Mac) unless you have customised the toolbar (Ctrl-Click on the toolbar to bring up the customisation palette). It’s got a large “Plus sign” on it. If you click and hold on it, it will drop down a menu so you can choose whether to add text or folder (if I remember correctly). Once again, I prefer the shortcut keys – Cmd-N for new – I find it a lot quicker. (I don’t think this has changed under Lion, but I may be wrong. I’m switching between Leopard and Lion these days, and I can’t always remember what is on which system.)

Cheers, Martin.

Will do mbbntu. Appreciate the thought.

Martin mentioned customizing the toolbar.

I only have the Mac version so I am not sure what is on the windows version, but you can go to View -> Customer Toolbar (or just control-click the toolbar area and go to Customize Toolbar…) Instead of having to hold down and click the green plus sign then select “New Text” you could just drag up the icon, that has a “T” on a whitish/graying page with a “+” sign in the top right corner, into the icon menu.

You can put this icon anywhere you like in the toolbar, meaning you can make it so regardless of whether your scrivener screen is compressed you’ll always see it. This removes the Project -> New Text, the wait of the green plus sign then selecting the new text. Though, the keyboard shortcut is still faster, this is just another alternative.


The big green plus button is on Windows as well by default. If it isn’t showing up there, use the Tools/Customize Toolbars menu command to load an interface that should be familiar to any Office user. Select “Main Toolbar” in the upper-right corner, and add the “Add Item” button from the left list to the right list in the place you would like it to appear. Windows also has the aforementioned “New Text”, “New Folder” and “Web Page” buttons so you can dispense with the multi-function green button and just put the ones you want for direct access, too.

Additionally, new text and new folder icons are in the binder footer on both Mac and Windows. On Windows these look like the main toolbar buttons, either a white paper or a blue folder with a plus sign over it; on the Mac the text is just a plus sign and the new folder is a folder with plus.