New Text Creates Template, Not Blank Text

I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple of months now. I like to fiddle with the settings of things, so this is probably something I’ve changed and don’t know how to get back, but nobody I asked seemed to know how to fix it, so I thought I’d bring it here.

When I create a New Text anywhere in my project, instead of creating a blank document, it pulls out one of my templates instead. It’s a character sheet I imported, and always the same one. This happens both when I click the large green plus button, and when I choose “New Text” from the dropdown next to it. The same thing happens when I create a new folder - it fills the folder with the same character sheet.

I can get screenshots if anyone needs them.
Thank you!
Eleutheria (E)

This seems very odd. Do you have a template file called “New Text”? Does it contain the same boilerplate text that your character sheet does? Examine the entire contents of your templates folder. Are there any documents stacked within it (they’ll have the arrow/triangle next to their titles if there are other documents stacked/indented under them)? If there’s a New Text document template, delete it and then see what happens when you select the Project->New Text menu item.

If that’s not it, maybe select the templates folder and go to Project->Clear Templates Folder.
Does that solve the issue when creating new documents?

I checked the options you mentioned. I don’t have a template file called New Text. The Template folder itself has no text in it, and none of the documents in the folder are nested. Clearing the Templates folder made no difference.


Rarely, settings get a little wonky in a project (never happened to me personally, but I’ve seen a few people deal with oddness kind of like this). Does this happen in newly created projects, or just the one? If only one of your projects is misbehaving, then I’d suggest creating a new project and importing the old one (File->Import->Scrivener project). You may have to rearrange the imported stuff (I don’t recall if it stuffs everything into the Research folder of the new project).

Also, contacting the tech support email might yield some insight; they’ll probably ask you to create a .zip copy of the project (via File->Back Up->Back Up To…) and send it to them, which will let them examine the internals of the project and maybe provide a fix.

Well, I asked Tech Support, and they told me to just make a new project and import everything into it. Not looking forward to that, since I have a ton of documents in my old one…thanks anyway! :slight_smile: