"New text document from selection" feature in contextual men

Advance apologies in the likely event I’ve overlooked a prior suggestion for this feature. I did try searching for it, without success, but I have a feeling I’ve seen it mentioned before.

Suggestion: I’d like to see an added contextual menu item called “New text document from selection” appearing in the menu after the “Split at selection” item. The command would create a text document (comprising the selected text) next to the source document.

Reason: A big part of my workflow is going through long research documents or interviews and clipping portions for use in a Binder outline item. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way I know to do this now is to Split at Selection, which creates a new document that contains not only the sentence or paragraph I want to clip but also everything below it in the document. It would be much more efficient if I could just create a new document from the selected text and have it appear in the binder next to the one I’m working on.

I know I can drag the selected text, but that’s a little more awkward – you have to then click again on the source document to continue reading and clipping. Still, it’s workable, so if making this new contextual menu command is difficult, I can get by with only a bit of a drag.
Thanks for considering this request and again, apologies for no doubt repeating earlier request.


This is already on the list for the next update. It will appear at the top of the “Append Selection to Document” menu, with “New Document” appearing at the top of that list.

Thanks and all the best,

That’s good enough! Many thanks.