New Text Document Opens Up Character Template

The other day, for the first time, I used a character template. Then Scrivener crashed. Ever since, when I select the New Text Document under the Green Plus-sign or by typing Ctrl+N the new doc is a character template. I have been able to “fix” this by moving the unwanted character template docs to the trash, emptying the trash, closing the project then reopening it. Then I can select New Text Document and get a new text document. However, I can only do this twice. The third time a character template doc pops up again.

Out of curiosity, have you tried opening an old project or starting a new project and seeing if the New Text behavior is the same or if it’s normal?

Good question, Lanie. I am not having the same issue in older projects.

I’m having this problem recently, too. I started a new Novel template project, copied over some files from an old project, modified the Character Sheet template to my preferred format, and it started happening. I got it to stop for a day or so, I think, when I changed the keyboard shortcuts for “new document” and “new document from template”, but it didn’t last. It doesn’t happen with a brand new project from the same template, nor an old project I have.

@LilyC and @Aughadan: You could make a copy of a proper/working text file (making sure to delete the contents in the copy) and then using that as a temporary template. You could then duplicate it as necessary. Not as easy as just making a new document, but maybe it’d be a temporary fix?

That or maybe creating a new project and copying over your files to ‘start fresh’ in a way.

Sorry. I know neither of these are fixes and maybe not even good work arounds, but they’re the best I’ve got. Hopefully someone will come along with an explanation or a better answer that will help y’all!

Thanks, Lanie.
Oddly, I get the same error when I make a duplicate document of a blank document. The first try might come out fine, but the second one often yields a character sketch document again.
I guess that leaves me with creating a new project, but I’ve already created close to 100 documents, so I’m not psyched to do that.
My workaround is to move the bad documents to the trash, empty the trash, close the project, then open it back up. It takes about a minute.

Although this is definitely some weird behavior, wouldn’t an easier workaround be to simply start a new document from a template which fits your purpose and which therefore corresponds to what you would expect a document to look like if things worked properly? if you put this document template at the top of the template sheets folder, you even only had to hit Ctrl + T, Ctrl + N (given the standard short cuts still apply) to get a fresh document as desired. Or did you do this already and even then the character sheet sneaks in again?

I took your advice and created a new project and dragged everything in there and I seem to have left the bug behind. Thank you for the idea. It seemed daunting, but was worth what turned out to be only a small effort.