New Text Element As Sub Heading

Hello All,

I’m fairly new to Scrivener and trying to write my first non fiction project. I have tried finding this in the manual but still am not able to do what I want so perhaps I’m not doing it right.

I have several folders that when compiled become Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc.

But when I add a new text (scrivening?) and give it a title, I would like that title to be compiled as a bold sub heading, but this is not working. The title just doesn’t show up at all.

I am trying to do the compile as an Amazon .mobi file so maybe this is the reason why? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

This is all handled in the compile settings under the formatting tab (if you don’t see this, click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As drop-down menu). It sounds like you may just need to tick the “title” column for single text documents.

I had a more complex setup I started explaining, but I think it’s not worth going into it unless it turns out that’s what you need, as it would probably just get overwhelming otherwise and for little point. :slight_smile: So if you need some further tweaking after setting the titles to compile, just let us know, and if you could provide an example of what your binder looks like (either just a text mockup here or a screenshot) so we can see what levels and types of documents you’re trying to format to do what, that’d be very helpful.


Sorry for the late reply. That appears to be working on the initial testing I’ve done. Thanks so much!