New text file causes overwriting of random older one

I’ve searched for this bug and can’t find it reported earlier. I am running Scrivener 2.5 on OS X Mavericks.

When I am somewhere in the main file tree of a project, when I press Cmd-N to create a new file, what I get is actually an older file from somewhere in my project, but with the title changed to “Untitled” and with the comments from the older file preserved in the “new” version.

The project I am working on was created by Scrivener under Windows, and was then copied over to my Mac, where I am working on it present. It is a large project with more than 200 individual files within it.

The problem only occurs if I navigate to an existing file within the “Manuscript” hierarchy and then press “Cmd-N”. Note that the old file that gets moved and partially overwritten is from some other random location, it is not the file that I had highlighted when I pressed the New File key.

If I navigate to the Notes or Research hierarchies and then press Cmd-N, then the file that gets created is empty, as it should be. However, I then have to drag it into the Manuscript hierarchy where I want it. Not a huge problem, but certainly a confusing bug that has the potential for causing data loss or loss of organization within the project for the unwary.

To close, Scrivener is a great program and I am glad to have found it… this bug is only a minor quibble. Thanks for the excellent work!

-Erik Norvelle

I can supply the project that I am having problems with if it will help in the tracing and fixing of the bug. THX Erik

Yes, that would be helpful. Please send a copy of the project to our tech support address with this forum thread URL pasted into the e-mail so we can link up the issue to the file.

This sounds like the type of problem that can arise if synchronisation software damages a project. It’s hard to say without seeing the internals though.

That doesn’t fill me with confidence for the pending iOS version’s inclusion (reliance?) of such software.

Syncing is certainly our biggest headache with the iOS version, the major hurdle that remains.