"New Text\New Folder" always creates a template instead of a blank document


I’m a newbie to Scrivener (just started using it last week). The first thing I did upon making my project was to create a handful of templates for different types of character sheets. But now, whenever I try to create a new file, unless I specifically use “New from template…” it automatically assigns one of the templates that I created. The same one, every time. Which makes it impossible to create a simple blank document. I have tried cancelling the templates folder, and I even deleted the template that keeps getting used, and emptied the trashcan, so theoretically that particular character sheet template no longer exists within the project. However, even despite that, whenever I try to create a new file or folder (via “New File” or “New Folder”) it creates that same character sheet instead, even though it shouldn’t even exist anymore. It’s extremely exasperating. I just want to be able to create blank documents. Where am I going wrong here?


I don’t use templates much myself, so I’ve never encountered this. But it has been reported a couple of times, e.g., here and here. The most recent post there, a few weeks ago, goes somewhat more deeply into the problem. But I don’t think anyone from Scrivener support has suggested an explanation, other than to request that users send them the problematic files.

Oh, ok. I’ll head over there and chime in.

Good, hope it’s helpful.