'New Text' = new page when compiled?

Whenever compiling a chapter folder containing several text documents in Scriv3 for Windows, I get a new page for each text. I just want some kind of divider! I’ve tried
*Assigning section layouts, including ‘As is’ & ‘Section text’
*Edit Format in the Compile list
*Project Settings: Default Section Types: ‘All file groups’ and ‘Level 1 & Level 2 and deeper’ set to ‘Section,’ ‘Content Page’ and ‘N/A’
Nothing works. How do I do this?
(This is a complex project imported from Scrivener 1. I’ve consulted the Manual, the InteractiveTutorial3, and now I’m about to try the UpgradeGuide-win)

I don’t see in your list the step where you assign specific section types. Are the chapter folders and scene documents set as different section types?

Sometimes I’m not happy with the default section types that come with a template, so I make ones that make sense to me, like “chapter heading” and “scene”. This is key, because the section types are “what this document is”, and then when assigning them to section layouts, you can decide “a ‘chapter heading’ should look like this layout.” If you are using generic section types, then everything gets a bit abstract and harder to understand when you’re working through the details of the compile settings.

Find Separators by Double-clicking your Format in the left-hand side column of the Compile Overview window (check the Title in the window title bar). The window that opens is called the Compile Format Designer, containing options to use several types of Separators for a specific Section Layout.

Hope this helps