New Text

I have a daily journal solution in nvALT. I am trying to use Scrivener more these days and I wanted to see if I could use Scrivener in a similar way? To do this I need to set up a macro to open scrivener, create a new text entry, tab or click in the new text field and have Typinator put in some boilerplate.

I can simulate a key command with Keyboard Maestro and I see one for a new project but, is there a key command for a new text? I don’t see one? I don’t see AppleScript support yet either so, can this be done in Scrivener?


The keyboard shortcut for new text is Cmd-N, on the Project menu.

Note that you can also set up a template file for the boiler plate part of the entry. See Section 8.5 of the Scrivener manual for more information about document templates.


Yes, it was confusing me because under the standard File menu, there is only a choice for a new project and not for a new text file.

Then I discovered that under Project is a selection for a new text file. aHA!

I was able to take care of business using Keyboard Maestro although I could not see anyway to go from naming the new note to selecting the new text area. Is there one? Tab wont take me there. I worked around it using KM by simulating a mouse double click over the general text area to select it. In this case, this allows my Typinator boilerplate to expand.

I will have to take some time and explore your many formatting choices. There are almost too many for my simple needs but they will have to be understood.

Thank you.

I think what you probably are needing there is to shift focus to the Editor pane. So, you are looking for

View > Move Focus to > Editor

Which in my installation would be control-option-command-E.


Yes, thanks. I have a new question about selecting a binder file using a link. If this cannot be done then this phase of the project is a no go. We shall see.

Much thanks for your response.