New Tint Labels in 1.5?

Hi Keith,
while I’m looking forward to using 1.5, I also notice from the preview you posted in your blog that the Binder might become very colourful… are you planning to change the Tint options? I shall really, really appreciate if things don’t change in that sector, because all my projects require all the files to be tinted in some colour or the other, and marking the whole row with colour will result in a mess! The Tint Labels option is brilliant and gently unobtrusive now…

Why not just have it able to be toggled on/off in the preferences?

Personally I’d like to see MORE indicators in the binder. (Icon “badges” for example.) But I can see how more can be less for some workflows / aesthetic preferences.

Hi Ptz - don’t worry, it’s just an extra option to what is currently available, and it’s off by default. So if you don’t want to use it, you can carry on exactly as you are.