NEW Title Page

I know a few of you have had some compile woes with the Standard Novel Manuscript title page. Some of you might not even realize its the title page causing the problem, but it is. If you try to compile, using the built in Novel Template with the Title Page included, your result will end up thousands of pages long and often crash whatever program you try to open the resulting RTF in.

I suspect this is directly a result of the table used for formatting the top, and I plan on doing some research into the compiling of tables in future days. But if you want a title page I have created a clean RTF Title Page that can be easily imported into Scrivener because I MADE IT IN SCRIVENER. It’s in 12 pt because that’s standard for a Novel Manuscript. Please note if you change the font size you will need to eliminate some returns so that the word count in the bottom right doesn’t go off the page.

It is zipped because I couldn’t upload it in the forum as an RTF file. You can either delete your original title page, or drop it into your research folder since the problem is really only when you COMPILE. (448 Bytes)