New to Beta Test of Scrivener

Hello, for those of us that are new to the Beta Testing of Scrivener, is there a suggested area to focus on at this time? I have spent hours reading and going through the tutorial and I have read the “if things don’t seem correct from the tutorial” or some such remark, “then that area may not be completely built so steer clear.” So with that said, I am not sure if there are still areas that are in that state in March of 2011. Please let me know.
I am not sure if I should retest the items that were reported as corrected in the last release, or assume that the reporting user has retested them. Or if my time would be better spent testing against the “manual” which I have yet to locate as I read the “make sure your bug is checked against the manual to determine if that is the way it is intended to work before you create a ticket” comment. Of which I completely agree, as long as the manual has been updated for the release we are testing. Where might I find the manual? Is it updated?
I was a lead software analyst (business and IT) and a tester on a major IT project for more than a decade in a former life and have found that starting from the beginning and creating the “thing” the software does, frequently causes the later “things” the software does from getting tested as everyone tends to test and retest those initial functions as each new release is issued.
So with all that said, what are your suggestions for this release? What number is it anyway? I saw 020 under the “about” and mention of 2.0.4 being available. How am I to be sure of the version I am testing?
Thank you. I am looking forward to testing and using your product for many years to come.

Can’t answer your other questions, but 2.04 is the latest Mac version release … Windows version is not there yet with all the features.


Welcome to the forums!

The main focus right now is bugs, rather than features. I’m not sure if the tutorial has been updated since the initial beta release last year, so some of its disclaimers may at this point be out of date. Back when it was released, we didn’t know exactly what all would be possible, so left the things in that seemed feasible and if they weren’t implemented yet, highlighted them as orange. At this point everything feasible has been implemented.

There definitely are no “steer clear” areas any more. The whole program is fair game and if anything is not working the way it seems it should, it could probably use a report.

At this point the manual is mostly complete, only lacking a few appendices on options and some polish, and I hope to have a preliminary copy of it ready by the end of this week. Up until about a month ago, things were changing too rapidly to do any serious writing about it. Hence the documentation void, though that isn’t particularly unusual for a beta.

Beta version is 020, which will probably become 021 in the next few days, given the current beta is about to time out.