new to converting Scrivener to Final draft 7

I’ve just tried to convert Scrivener to Final Draft 7. It’s 95 percent successful, but I get wierd symbols instead of apostrophes and there are a few other textual glitches as well.
Any advice on how to fix this? I know that Final Draft 8 has an improved conversion process – but I’m a bit hesitant about the upgrade and would like to make this work.

I’m not a scriptwriter and have never used Final Draft before, but…

Usually when there is a problem with weird symbols for quotes, it will be because the system is trying to use smart quotes.

In the compile draft menu, try changing the “straighten quotes” setting to see if that solves the problem.


Yep, exactly what Matt says - the FCF format doesn’t like curly quotes or em-dashes etc, so make sure you set the Text Options in Compile Draft to straighten typographer’s quotes, convert em-dashes to two hyphens, and to convert ellipses to three periods. That should get rid of the gremlins.
Hope that helps.
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I tried this and it worked, but in a slightly roundabout way. If I use the COMPILE function, change the text settings, and then choose only the one document that I want to compile from, then this method works perfectly.
But it would be simpler if I could use the EXPORT function for that individual file (and not have to go through the COMPILE steps). But when I try to simply EXPORT the file, I lose those text settings, and it reverts to the weird dashes and squiggly lines.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks, as always.

You’re doing nothing wrong per se, it’s just that Compile is the main place for getting your text ready for taking to another program. The Export feature just works as-is, exporting things as they are; it would be overly complicated if Export had a billion options too. These things aren’t an issue in FD8 scripts, but if you are sticking with FD7 then you may wish to turn off typographer’s quotes and ellipses etc via the Text Editing preferences. You can straighten the quotes for an existing document using Text > Convert > Straighten Quotes.

EDITED to add: There’ll be a minor update out in the next couple of weeks that fixes certain encoding issues in the FCF format, too - smart quotes in FCF should work fine after that update.

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Thanks again. One last question. When I go into TEXT and then CONVERT, I am not seeing the “Straighten Quotes” option on the Menu. The options I’m seeing are: Uppercase, Lowercase, Title case, Multiple Spaces to Space – and Bold and Italics to Multimarkdown Synatx.

Ah, actually “Straighten Quotes” (and “Educate Quotes”) are both in the Text menu, not under Convert; I was thinking of version 2.
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Oh yes – I see them there. But they’re not accessible (they’re in light grey, rather than in black, and I can’t click on them).

Anything in the text menu affects the selected text, so you need to select some text, or at least click into the text area so it has the focus.

Wonderful. Thank you.