new to scrivener--need help ASAP!!!

I had Scrivener on my last Windows computer and rarely used it. I re-ordered it for my new Windows Computer and really wanted to start from scratch. However, it has all my old projects on it. Two questions: I cannot get to the tutorial (which I absolutely need!!!)–it just takes me to a “save as” page and I can’t get any content. I started the tutorial years ago when I had it on my last computer(and was in the middle of the tutorial), but now I want to see the full tutorial starting from the beginning. How do I do that???

Second question: It has all the projects/files I created last time I had it on my computer. I want a CLEAN SLATE. How do I delete everything that’s on it so I can start with a clean slate: No previous files and restart the tutorial from the beginning.

As a follow up to the previous question, I would like a BRAND NEW Scrivener account. I paid $40 and expected to get a brand new Scrivener account with a completely clean slate. Is it possible to do this??? That way I don’t have to delete all old files and I can start from the beginning with re-learning from the Tutorial.I want to start from scratch!! That’s what I hoped I would get with re-ordering Scrivener. Is that possible?

Your data is not stored in Scrivener itself, but in a separate location on your computer. You can delete existing projects via Windows Explorer, just like any other files. Or you can just ignore them: the fact that they exist doesn’t affect new projects that you might create.

(Think about it: how horrified would most users be if upgrading Scrivener wiped out years of work?)

As for the Tutorial specifically, if you delete the existing tutorial project, Scrivener will create a new ‘original’ copy for you.

Incidentally, there was no need for you to purchase a new copy of Scrivener. Your existing license key should work fine with a fresh install. If you would like to request a refund, send email to