New to Scrivener *this may be dumb*

So I’ve gone through the tutorial, but there’s nothing in there on choosing the right format for your project. I’m working on a book of meditations, and I’m not sure which format would work best.

I assume you mean ‘which format should I pick for a new project’ to start writing in?

Scrivener calls these ‘Project Templates’ and they’re basically just a group of pre-sets which give you a start in the right direction. ie. If you’re writing a novel, it comes with character sheets, if you’re writing a screenplay, then it has some of the settings preconfigured to help with that. That’s all they are though — they don’t restrain you in any way from changing them. You could start from scratch with the blank template and get to exactly the same point as if you use any of the templates, so in that sense, it doesn’t matter which one you choose as they are all completely configurable.

The best bet for a book of meditations I would think would be one of the Non-Fiction ones (sorry can’t remember what the choices are offhand). Just pick one that looks closest and start working on the project and getting used to how Scrivener does things – you can make changes as you go along.


That’s what I assumed. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Thanks so much!