New to Scrivener - Which Template for non-fiction

Hi, I have discovered Scrivener and am looking to write a non-fiction book (Chapter-based) with each Chapter having its own theme. I would like to include photos and diagrams in the book too.

Can anybody point me in the right direction for more information about which might be the right template to start with as a beginner for such a book?

I did wonder whether I might be better using the Novel or Novel with Parts template?

Many thanks, Ian

Ian, have you looked at the General Non-Fiction template? Personally, I wouldn’t use the Novel with Parts template, which is designed for a three-tier narrative - novel, parts and chapters. In general, it’s worth loading each template and playing around with it for a few minutes to assess it suitability.

Since you want to include photos and diagrams, bear in mind that Scrivener is primarily a drafting, not a layout tool. Depending on the extent that you want to finesse the layout, you may need a word processor to position precisely the text and figures for your final version.