New to Scrivener

Have searched for info I’m looking for, not been successful in finding it. Just need to know if the program can be saved to a flash drive to move it from one computer to another. I’ve been saving bits and pieces manually which is a big pain, since every edit needs to be re-saved.

Thanks for your help.


To clarify, you ask initially about the software, but it sounds more like you are referring to keeping your projects portable? To the first point, you would need Scrivener installed on each machine you intend to use. We do not have a version that is designed to run from a thumb drive. As to the latter, projects are just folders with a bunch of files in them. The folder names end in “.scriv”, and if you’ve never specifically changed the save location, they are probably all in My Documents.

Since these are just folders with files, you really don’t need to do anything special here. Just copy the entire folder to your thumb drive, plug it into the other computer and copy it down to the disk. When you’re done you can just reverse those steps. You should always remove the old project, or rename it, first. Don’t drag one project folder over another because that will try to merge the folders and Windows doesn’t know anything about the Scrivener format. This can cause problems down the line.