New to Scrivener

Ok, I am brand new and am using a trial. Does anyone have experience with formatting Memoir on Scrivener, which I don’t see in the New Project templates? I guess I can use Blank, but, although Memoir is nonfiction, so to speak, it mimicks fiction and novels more than nonfiction. Any memoirists out there? Also, I am nervous about the formatting function, as I did not really grasp it in my first run through the Tutorial. I appreciate any suggestions! :slight_smile:

My partner and I write fiction and nonfiction,
and we always use the Blank template.

Most of the genre templates are adaptations of Blank
and we don’t like their formal restrictions/limitations.
(Though others may find them quite useful.) :unamused:

More important than the template is how you set up
Preferences: Formatting: Main Text Style
(that’s on a Mac; Windows path may differ)
There you specify font, margins, indents, and line spacing.
Do that, and all your new documents will be the same.

For the memoir, create folders for front/back matter
and chapters/scenes in between,
Keep your reference notes in the Research folder
So that you may include web pages or images
and use the Draft folder only for text files, in RTF

Those are the basics; master them, and you’re good to go!

Thanks! Not sure what you mean by front/back matter? I’m thinking of lettering each Thread and numbering the scenes/vignettes within that thread, then creating a pattern like ABCDE or something to weave the threads together. Any suggestions?