New to the app, many questions


Glad to be a new user. Just had a few questions before I get stuck in. I’ve been playing around on the app for a day or two now and just wondering a few questions. Firstly, does iOS backup what I’m writing? I can see scrivener in the iCloud settings, does that mean it backs up my stuff? I’m not a Dropbox user and I don’t really want to be so I’m a little worried about how to make a back up. There should really be an iCloud backup options, it’s basic stuff really.

Next, I have an outline for my book. I’ve done thesis and papers in word and pages and I need to have an index? How is that possible in scrivener? In word you can set it up to automatically have references and headings show up when entered but I see nothing like that here. Please don’t tell me I have to write out every single reference I make as I go or even worse have to go back through the book to redo it all. Any help?

I keep seeing corkboard mentioned, where is that? I have no tab or folder for that anywhere. Can’t find it in the app.

Lastly when writing is there any way to know where the text is on screen? In word you can see the side of the page so you can see when the text is aligned left right or Center. All that’s in this app is white… No idea if the text is left middle tabbed over a little… what?! It’s a little frustrating coming from word to this… It seems like basic stuff to have in a writing app.

Also, will you be adding sharesheet for the research section? Currently if I want to add something from the web I seem to have to copy the url and open the app and paste it in. Would be great when on a webpage to just tap share to bring up the sharesheet and tap scrivener.

Thanks for any help I appreciate it.

P.s I know it’s not word, it’s a different app and it will take time to get used to. I just like things to be intuitive and just be the way it should be.

No, the iOS app is not capable of automatic backups. You can do a manual backup super quickly and easily though, and if you’re doing heavy lifting in the iOS app, I highly recommend you do so. We have a tutorial here.

The manual backup will go into your Files, so if you have iCloud, you can definitely have this saved in iCloud. We don’t have iCloud sync currently (if you search this forum, you’ll find an explanation for that in a number of places), but it is being worked on.

The Corkboard is a way of displaying the contents of a folder. It’s not a separate location, just an alternate way of viewing your documents.

The Corkboard view isn’t available on the iPhone, but on iPad if you tap a folder, you should see the Corkboard behind the binder. You can tap it to hide the binder and fully view the Corkboard. You can also access the Corkboard from within a document by tapping the Corkboard icon (4 index cards) in the top menu.

When you’re in a document and the cursor is active, you’ll see the toolbar above the regular keyboard. The alignment button is one thing you can find here so you can see how your text is aligned. When the cursor is active in a document, there’s also a paintbrush icon you can select in the top menu which opens the formatting menu. I don’t believe there’s a “page view” option in the iOS app, though this is available in the desktop version.

I agree this would be a good feature. We don’t comment on future updates, generally, so I can’t see when/if this will be implemented.

Perfect. Thank you for your answers! :pray:t2:

What about the referencing / and indexing?

Did you import your Word file into Scrivener, and if so, what method did you use for references in the original project? If you’re using footnotes/endnotes or something similar, that should be maintained when you import into Scrivener, but I’m not terribly familiar with how these are handled into the iOS app. Someone more familiar may have a more definitive answer on that one.

I didn’t import anything. I’m starting to write my first book and I want the references to be automatically put at the end like word does. No way I’m writing out 50-60 references one by one with page numbers and sections. Does scrivener do it by itself some way. I can’t find in tutorial anything about referencing, which seems a pretty massive thing when writing to not have a section on…

There’s a section on comments and footnotes in the iOS Scrivener Tutorial project.

You don’t say whether you are using iOS Scrivener exclusively, or pairing it with the PC or Mac version. You may find that you need more control over the output document than iOS Scrivener provides. Since you’re still early in the process, this would be a good time to evaluate those versions as well and/or think about the best way to move your output document back to Word for final formatting. I’d recommend reading the section on Exporting and Printing in the Tutorial project, and maybe experimenting with those capabilities.