New to this world...

Hi there,

I am writing from the old continent and feel a bit lost. I use Scrivener for a while, bought it some weeks ago and I am amazed. My projects became larger and larger and Pages was just not able to handle it anymore. It was all too confusing and complex. Now, everything is better.

I like to know what the best place is to start to really “use” the Software. Where could I start, what do I have to read and try?

And help, idea and advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


The Interactive Tutorial, under the Help menu, plus the overview video at the top of this page: Those should get you started. Then use the software, simply at first. There are guide books if you need them later, but don’t attempt to read the Manual (also under the Help menu) from cover to cover; it’s a magnificent work, but for reference.

So you’re from Stockport too! :smiley: Wot pubs do you booze in?

If you follow Hugh’s advice, you wont go far wrong, just don’t offer to lend him any money, if he asks you.
But remember:

Wecome aboard the old Pirate Ship Scrivener, Otherwise known in the ‘Literary’ world, as 'The Ship of Fools.
Take care
Vic. :wink: