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"A modicum level of civility is one of the rules of this forum. If you wish to continue participating here, please refrain from abusive language and trying to pick a fight.

I’m locking this thread as it serves no productive purpose. If you’d like to discuss the software, you’re welcome to start a new thread that isn’t centred around bashing our programs. Criticism is fine, we’re more than happy to discuss every facet of the program. But we’re not going to get into a shouting match over what is “retarded” or not. Thanks.

Ioa Petra’ka.
aka AmberV
“Whole sight, or all the rest is desolation.” —John Fowles"

As you have obviously not paid any attention to any of my suggestions, I won’t be contributing any more.

PS: censorship is the last resort of the impotent. Me.

Over and gone!

no wait. come back. we miss you.

P.S. Censorship is the official suppression of materials that are deemed to be of threat or offence to the state. While I’m flattered that you would consider me to be your sovereign ruler with the power to repress you, I’m afraid that I must decline. Perhaps you meant censure?

P.P.S. I’ve moved this to the off topic forum.

:open_mouth: Actually, young Ioa, you should have moved it to the bilges, home of the Portlanders (Bilge RattusRattus), aboard Scriv.

I humbly apologise for spoiling your territory with this.

Should think so too, you censorial censurer, you! :wink:

I figure it’s just Ioa-iffer being Ioa-iffer.

I did like my BMW and Chevy analogy though.

What a grumpy Gus! That young man has a dangerous deficiency in decorum.

I did a quick Google search on the guy’s username, and, unless someone else independently came up with the same exact name, this guy also had a negative review about another piece of software and was quite negative in a Mozilla customer support forum. Seems like he’s just an all-around Debbie Downer. Though he’s apparently quite the online poker player. Maybe he lost a bunch of money at Holdem, and decided that every piece of software was bad?

Well, let’s get this baby off topic then.

So…does it rain a lot in England?

only in areas generating heavy globus999 cloud formations. Deluges aren’t uncommon. :frowning:


I’m sorry, but it’s not very sensitive of you to ask Vic about rain, living as he does in the vast Tameside Desert, which stretches from the equatorial forests of Reddish to the frozen tundra of Tintwistle, and which hasn’t seen any rain for nearly 40 years.

What caused this barren expanse of windswept sand, crossed only by the hardiest of travellers in their long snaking caravans of exotic Bramhall four-hump camels? There are many theories, but most knowledgable researchers attribute it to the Local Government Reorganisation of 1974, when ignorant power-crazed Londoners (apologies for the tautology) forcibly wrenched Stockport from its ancestral home in Cheshire and dumped it in the heathen wasteland of Greater Manchester.

Of course the Resistance warned of the coming devastation at the time, but were we listened to? No, and you can see the results now in the rolling arid sand dunes of the Heaton Mersey plain.

So, if you’re contemplating ruining centuries of local tradition on a whim, please stop and think of Vic-k. Of course, he pretends that it’s always raining, but we all know that’s just a figment of his imagination as he strives to retain the lost dignity of his native land.

Lots of wind too …

(Seriously: out with the hounds early this morning the big ones (wolf- and deer-) were stoical in the face of an all-directions gustiness, but with the smaller (grey-) ones it was like taking little zeppelins for a walk).



A friend once described it as Seattle without the hipsters and good coffee. :wink:

Tell your friend to check out London. You can’t move for awkward types in skinny jeans and Starbucks outlets.

Yeah, but what about ironic facial hair, carebear T-shirts, and the like? Skinny jeans don’t a hipster make. :wink:

Head to Camden, Clapham or Carnaby Street. You’ll find’em.

Yaddayaddayaddaaaaaaa!! They’re all just aping Stockport Town Centre


That’s just what a hipster would say.

An ape hipster?